CGS Objectives


  1. Change current awareness and influence business models that address best practices to eradicate economic poverty through microfinance and social business.
  2. Change the behavior of all major stakeholders to include individual donors, organizations and the beneficiaries in the effort to alleviate poverty.
  3. Endorse new business models that provide opportunity to the poor that lead to economic empowerment, sustainability, resilience and prosperity.


Provide information and activism through:

  • Research and Publications regarding relevant information leading toward sustainable, resilient projects that are inclusive of all major stakeholders.
  • Partnerships with organizations that are changing the world by providing opportunity to the poor.
  • Consulting with corporations, non-profit organizations, universities, foundations, service clubs and donors providing evaluation of existing programs and guidance for effective, sustainable programs.
  • Presentations to interested parties.
  • Continuing the conversation by increasing the community-audience of donors and providers of service to include the dedicated use of social media.


            By increasing economic opportunities and education to the poor, enabling them to carve a path to economic community development, empowerment, sustainability, resilience and prosperity, and thereby eliminating poverty.


Attaining sustainable impact through changes in behavior created by increased awareness